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Ukraine – it is a country rich in history, covering an area from the Black sea to the Carpathian mountains. World prices are steadily increasing, however, tourism in Ukraine is developing intensively, the level of service is growing, and prices are becoming more affordable.

A fascinating proposal attract tourists in the world, and a convenient bus tours across Ukraine will allow you to enjoy the beauty and vitality of local life. Travel agencies all year round offer tours in Ukraine and not only, however it is here that you will come close to the original Ukrainian culture and fully feel the unity with nature. Bus tours around Ukraine inexpensive compared to other countries, but the rest will be interesting and memorable, and national Ukrainian cuisine and a variety of attractions will leave unforgettable impressions.

Bus tours to Ukraine in Lviv, Zaporizhzhia, Simferopol, and other ancient cities will give you the opportunity to see the architectural monuments and visit the most interesting places of the country.

Bus tours around Ukraine in Lviv you will be able to see the grandeur of the buildings, unique beauty and atmosphere of the streets of this ancient city.

Tours in Ukraine and not only in urban areas will allow you to see the beautiful natural landscapes and the climate will promote full and active rest on the territory of this wonderful country.

Bus tours around Ukraine, as a rule, start from large cities such as Lviv, Kiev and Odessa, and a variety of tourist routes will allow you to feel the beauty and charm of the local attractions. Bus tours of Ukraine in Lviv are very popular with tourists the world, as it is – the citadel of Ukrainian culture, education and art.

If you wish to spend your vacation in the wonderful warm sea beaches, then you certainly should give preference to the rest of the Black sea in Crimea. If you choose a holiday on the Black or Azov sea on the territory of Ukraine, are waiting for you unforgettable days with comfort and interest on the coast and the mountains.

To fans of rest on the Black sea in Odessa, Yalta and Alushta will be offered the best hotels and boarding houses, and the world famous resorts, sanatoria and health resorts will allow you to strengthen your health.

Tours in Ukraine and not only in the framework of the holiday can offer you the snowy ski resorts and a variety of sports activities such as diving and rafting on the largest Ukrainian rivers.

Due to the holiday on the Black sea in Crimea you can see the ancient monuments of history and architecture, to take part in the various entertainment programmes and activities, and to enjoy the unique Crimean nature and landscape.

While you're taking a vacation, decide to organize your vacation on the Black or Azov sea, numerous tourist organization will help you to choose optimal memorable and not too expensive program that will allow you to have a great time. Holiday on the Black sea in the Crimea will allow you to experience the atmosphere of this beautiful Peninsula and experience the positive features of the local culture.

If your choice of vacation on the Black sea in Odessa you will be offered the unique opportunity of improvement and participation in a variety of colourful festivals and Hiking. We can safely say that choosing a holiday on the Black sea and Azov sea, in your memory will always remain bright and unforgettable impressions of the time well spent.

Brief information about the country:

герб of Ukraine
  • Title state: Ukraine
  • The capital: Kiev
  • State structure: Parliamentary-presidential republic
  • Total area: 603 628 km² (45th)
  • Currency: Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH)
  • Population: 45 745 213 people (28th)
  • Telephone code: +380
  • Time zone: GMT+03:00
  • Language: Ukrainian

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