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Airline tickets

The rhythm of modern life requires taking from us the best solutions, and fast action, saving time and reducing distances. Often the problem solution needs a lot of travelling between cities, countries and continents, and, when planning a vacation or travel, not to lose valuable time on the road. And here we are helped by the air force and a modern system of air tickets booking – tickets online.

Modern Internet technologies enable us to buy plane tickets fast and as comfortable as possible. Electronic ticket (e-ticket) is recognized worldwide and performs all the functions of a paper counterpart. Booking tickets online has a number of advantages such as convenience, speed, efficiency and security. The process of online booking is simple and accessible to any Internet user.

So, service, sale of air tickets online the easy, intuitive, allows to analyze all available options, to choose the most suitable option for you flight, both in terms of time and costs by choosing a relatively inexpensive airline tickets. Tickets online can be paid in any payment system or to make payment through the Bank. For confirmation of sale of the ticket buyer receives on the e-mail address the itinerary with the information on the flight ticket price and method of payment.

The service provides direct access not only to information on scheduled flights, but also allows for flexible search options flight on a number of parameters (date, place of departure/ arrival, booking class, category of passengers, the number of tickets and etc), as well as additional services to book the hotel, taxi. Booking of air tickets through the online system allows you to return the ordered ticket, make changes in your order at any time convenient for you.

Prices for airline tickets booked via the Internet, on average 10% less than the normal plane tickets, and given additional discounts offered by airlines purchase tickets online, this is the cheapest airfares.

One of the additional advantages of this form of ticket sales is a possibility to buy ticket online not only yourself but also your friends and relatives where possible online booking of air tickets not.

The opportunity to buy relatively inexpensive airline tickets, to have the most complete information about special offers and discounts on airfares greatly facilitates the planning of the budget, provide substantial savings, especially if you have to fly often.

It is obvious that the sale of tickets through the Internet booking of tickets allows you to keep your time and choose the best ticket prices. Reservation service tickets online is becoming more popular with the growth of Internet coverage will buy the ticket online in any settlement of the country and beyond.

Introduction of modern information technologies in tourism, including service ’tickets online» allow tourist company ’Kolibris» to implement an integrated approach to customer service, starting with product information to its full and successful implementation, to increase efficiency, enhance efficiency in responding to individual requests of the customers.



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